The company was founded by Vassilios Trikardos in 1954, for the collaboration with the Swedish company; STORA KOPPABERG. By 1956 TRICARDOS S.A. were official representatives of several companies operating in raw material production, including the company KRONOS TiO2. In 1963, TRICARDOS S.A. was entrusted with the representation of ANIC, which was later renamed ENICHEM POLYMERI. By 1969 the company had undertaken the representation of many machinery manufacturers, regarding the production of plastics and other industry related sectors. In addition, up until 1993 the company created a network of alliances in the pulp, newsprint and paper industry, with companies such as HOLMENS and SCA.


TRICARDOS S.A was founded by Vassilios and John Trikardos in 1981, where they took over the activities of ENICHEM POLYMERI. The collaboration lasted until 1997, until the aforementioned company opened its own offices in Greece. Since 1997, TRICARDOS SA has cooperated with several different types of Polymer manufacturers in addition to other types of chemical producers. In addition to the various partnerships in raw material manufacturing and chemical production, from 2002-2007 TRICARDOS S.A undertook the representation of the Swiss company SCHINDLER, for the sales of elevators and escalators.

Both B.I. TRICARDOS A.E. & TRICARDOS S.A companies currently engage in the trade and distribution of raw materials, in addition to representing several foreign raw material manufacturers in Greece. The TRICARDOS companies have a predominant focus in raw material of the paint industy, automated systems and mechanical equipment.Plastic raw materials and industrial equipment, related to the production of plastic.Supplies for energy producers.